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3W6 Con Co Island DX-Expedition propagation

April 2010 / expected sunspotnumber 20 / Flux 80

by André Meystre HB9BIG

NEW -> HF_MAP as APP for Android Smartphones

This propagation maps are valid worldwide for any station that want work 3W6C Con Co. The location of this DX-Station 17.15N / 107.34E are used as base location for the maps. With this maps you see witch other countries are working on the same band for a give time. Select not only the best frequency, but the quietest moment also. This animated maps needs Java enabled in your browser. You can see the full animation without Java, just download the 16-Bit-Demoversion of HF_MAP (325K) and the 3W6C-Maps for the Demoversion (79K)

Reading the maps: the color at your location gives the MUF/FOT... between your QTH and Con Co for the selected UT

available maps using Java applet HFMapViewer

frequency of optimum transmission FOT , expected at 90% of the month

maximum usable frequency MUF , expected at 50% of the month

Highest Probable Frequency HPF , expected at 10% of the month

Number of Hops needed for working Con Co

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