ResViewer for Flight Unlimited III

ResViewer lets you view and modify the resources of Flight Unlimited III

noncommercial FU3 support page - just to keep FU3 flying !

Export 3D-Models as .E or .COB files

You can export the model from any 3D-view as E-File or COB-File.

This export is a simple version using just 1 material, gray, 50% transparent..

the main usage of such a model is to add contact points, airfoils and more air physic items to check the placement.

Select the model view, then select export from the Menu bar. Select the file type.


This is the E file you get

After a compilation with Eto3DS.exe

You can import the 3ds model file into Anim8or

The AN-2 with air physic items

Information: André Meystre
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