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FLED Book Mark Manager for Flight Unlimited III

Managing FLED book marks flbookmk.dat and points of interest poi.txt

FLED BookMarkManager

You can download FLED BookMarkManager v1.0 75KB right here.

You are using this freeware tool at your own responsibility !

Backup your flbookmk.dat and poi.txt before using this tool !

All load and save operations are using a file dialog box. You can work outside of the fu3 area.

Bookmark management inside FLED is rather poor, but using this utility you can

  1. Load and view the FLED book mark file flbookmf.dat as treeview.
  2. Load the book mark from the points of interest file POI.TXT
  3. Edit label text and values directly inside the tree view
  4. Save the result back to flbookmk.dat or another file as binary backup
  5. Export the result as points of interest file, POI.txt or other name.txt
  6. Selecting by check mark the book marks you want save in the file
  7. Sort the book marks by label text
  8. Now you can create versions of book mark files and/or points of interest
Each book mark in FLED has
  1. Text label
  2. UTM coordinate X
  3. UTM coordinate Y
  4. Height above sealevel
To convert the book mark into a point of interest we must find a way to save the height inside poi.txt. The solution is appending the height value prefixed by ft, unfortunately this will also be displayed in the POI window during flight selection and as chosen starting point. The new POI.TXT format has chenged a bit

635487 210176 Bembridge   ft2171
714227 284100 Biggin Hill   ft3200
601411 329327 Bookmark #30   ft5412
635942 321380 Bookmark #32   ft4382
667010 365601 Cranfield   ft3887
20440 107840 WolffCanyon   ft1125
630304 207289 ww2museum   ft236
118998 82306 Yosun   ft2430

; a line begining with this character stops FU3
from reading it and all other lines below it.
So you can put what ever you like here.
You can have up to 71 lines above this ;
Information provided by Jon Lewis (Glidernut)

This file was generated by FLED BookMark Manager (Andre Meystre a.meystre@agtim.ch)
Layout: UTM Longitude, UTM Latitude, Point of Interest, ft000  elevation value from the FLED Bookmarks

FLED BookMark Manager can convert this file to a FLED Bookmark file fbookmk.dat located in the main folder of FU3
Loading book marks from an original POI.TXT file without height values will insert a default height value of 3000ft for each point. The UTM coordinates are unchanged and works in both ways. Do not use more than 6 digit for the UTM coordinates as they can't be stored in the float variable. Least significant digit after 6 are lost. This is a hardcoded FU3 limitation.


The Structure of the flbookmk.dat file
0x0000 Header: 4 bytes integer, value 2 as offset to the first item

Size in

txt + 1
for each book mark

Size: lenght of label text + 1 + 16 data bytes

  typedef struct _BookMarkItem
    int*4  txtlen;  // Lenght of the text label including 0x00 termination byte
    char   label;   // Label text terminated with 0x00
    float  xutm;    // UTM x coordinates
    float  yutm;    // UTM y coordinates
    float  height;  // Height above sea level in meters
  } BookMarkItem;

under construction last update 20.nov.2003

Information: André Meystre
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