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Fixing the Coupeville Nolf ground problem

Still cutting the runway with the prop at Coupeville Nolf in the Seattle region ?

cutting runway

The runway models in FU3 are for totally flat areas. If one part of the runway is deeper then the planes will sink into the runway and becomes partially invisible. The runway model is set to the highest point of the involved area. Such an example is in the original Seattle Region at Coupeville Nolf (nar) in the northern part of the region. You can fix this problem at Coupeville Nolf with my new tool GeoTilesViewer 2.0 and with the explanation you can modify other parts of the high resolution region of Seattle, Sanfran or Switzerland.

You are using this freeware tool at your own responsibility !

Now first fixing the Coupeville Nolf ground:

  1. locate the directory
    It is in your FU3 installation directory... \REGIONS\SEATTLE\GEOS\ inside of this GEOS folder you will see just 1 file named geotiles.tag having a size of 38.7MB.

  2. Backup this file or be sure to have your FU3 CD1 with this file located at CDROM:\FLT3\REGIONS\SEATTLE\GEOS\ (replace CDROM by your drive letter)

  3. remove the write protection attribute of the geotiles.tag file (click on the file and choose properties, remove the check of read-only)

  4. Download GeoTilesViewer v2.0 (70KB) and place the GeoTilesViewer.exe in the /GEOS folder.

  5. Download CL5acaj.tga 5KB classification map for the Coupeville Nolf area and place the file inside /GEOS folder also.

  6. Double-click on GeoTilesViewer.exe to start the tool.

  7. select the node acaj in the tree, you can then view the class map clicking on l5acaj.

  8. click on the node acaj again. select the node not the maps in the sub tree. click on the button import of the classification

  9. in the dialog airport area enter the new height, old value is 186 ft. Enter 197 as new value and click OK ( abbrechen = cancel )

  10. The geotiles.tag file is now rewritten. Open it again with a click inside the tree area. select l5acaj sub node and inspect the new classification map. The airport area is now converted to urban class red.

  11. run fu3 and select Coupeville Nolf Start Runway 30 Now your plane is on the runway and not below.

enjoy the new feeling at Coupeville Nolf !

If you get file errors using GeoTilesViever then check if:

  1. you have enough free disk space, more than 120MB

  2. GeoTileViewer.exe and CL5acaj.tga and geotiles.tag file are in the same directory

  3. Geotiles.tag file is not read-only. then delete both files beginning with ~tmp (~tmpGeoTiles.tag and ~tmpNewGeoTiles.tag) and redo the GeoTilesViewer steps. the ~tmpGeoTiles.tag file was your old original file, see the R for read-only attribute.

If you want change other airports then:

  1. locate position and classification pattern with FLED as shown here for Coupville Nolf

  2. Select the wanted node and Export classification, you get a file CL5xxxx where xxxx is the node.

  3. paint the flat area in yellow, use palette of cl5acaj.tga, see also using the GeoTilesViewer tool

  4. apply same steps as for Coupeville Nolf. The height displayed during taxiing with the Mustang is 4ft above real ground, after set to 197 you will see 203ft in F2 mode.

under construction last update 1.feb.2002

Information: André Meystre
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