Flight Unlimited III high resolution terrain processing workshop

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Generation of Level 5 to 7 files for high resolution region of Flight Unlimited III

Upgrading the view of the new high resolution region with adapted level 5 to 7 .bin files

Without this files you see a coarse horizon, after usage you get the horizon as smooth as possible with your current number of usable megatiles for that region and you can generate an overview map in level 5 resolution. There is no real usage for the original region Sanfranzisco and Seattle, you just get more 64k files, mostly obsolete, located outside of the region border. The generation works in steps of 8 x 8 megatiles only as this is one level 7 file. If you just want to see what the result will be, then generate just the map, this will not change any .bin files but you get the full range map in a level 5 resolution as level5map.tga file.

You can download Level57Maker right here (75k). Unzip all in 1 work folder

new version 1.3 using color resampling for better results

You are using this freeware tool at your own responsibility !

Backup your map folder before using this tool !

Level57Maker will overwrite level 5 to level 7 .bin files !

To generate the map or the level 5,6,7 .bin files in a safe way, copy all level 4 maps from the region maps folder to a new folder and copy Level57Maker.exe in this folder also, then start Level57Maker.exe. The L4blank.bin file must been there also.

select the region by name of the current level 4 maps and click on Generate .bin to start the generation of the .bin files. A message box will inform about the number of level 4 files processed and a second message is shown at the termination of the generation.

msg2 msg3

If you click on a level 5 map picture only then a overview map of level 5 resolution is produced that will show the current location of high resolution megatiles inside the region then most of the new region are incomplete.
The palette selection is used at map creation only. Selecting the wrong palette gives a bad colored map.
The selection by names will set the correct values for the palette and the bottom left / upper right megatile name. The selected range must be in steps of 8 that's why for Sanfrancisco we have aaaa to apap (and not aaaa to aiak).
If you are building a new region then do not select a name but set the range for your region size but using multiple of 8 ! All missed level 4 files are replaced by the blank tile during generation, so level 4 can be incomplete and generation will work anyway.
Minimal requirements in the work folder are l4blank.bin and Level57Maker.exe, then you can generate an useless, large blank area just to make a test.
Level57Maker Tool Window
UK-South region, the largest ever made 40 x 24 megatiles
The blank border of 2 megatiles is to simulate the Northsea and the Atlantic without hills at the horizon.
UK-London region, the second project 16 x 24 megatiles
Swizerland region, the first project 16 x 24 megatiles
Seattle region, the FU3 original 10 x 10 megatiles
Sanfrancisco region, the FU2 original 10 x 11 megatiles

under construction last update 21.sep.2002

Information: André Meystre
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