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Sergey's Utilities for decoding/encoding/shuffling ...

Decoding of the cpd-files are processed with the utility-set of Sergey Ostrozhinsky sov@marsat.ru, he also provides the encoding utility and map shuffling.

You can download the utility-set right here. Documentation is inside of this zipped set

You are using all utilities at your own responsibility !

sergey was here
    small changes in a Seattle region map

Sergey's utilities are called from the command / DOS Window. This is the decoding sample how I decode my coded region quadrant aaaj back using Sergey's utilities and getting after the 7 steps raw files for direct conversion into targa pictures (using targa template) for a visual inspection.

map>MapShuffle 0 l0aaaj.cpd
Extracting level 0 from l0aaaj.cpd to l0aaaj.bin

map>MapShuffle 1 l1aaaj.cpd
Extracting level 1 from l1aaaj.cpd to l1aaaj.bin

map>MapShuffle 2 l2aaaj.cpd
Extracting level 2 from l2aaaj.cpd to l2aaaj.bin

map>MapShuffle 3 l3aaaj.bin
Extracting level 3 from l3aaaj.bin to l3aaaj.raw

map>cdpcoder d 2 compress.bin l2aaaj.bin l3aaaj.raw
from l2aaaj.bin to l2aaaj.raw using l3aaaj.raw

map>cdpcoder d 1 compress.bin l1aaaj.bin l2aaaj.raw
from l1aaaj.bin to l1aaaj.raw using l2aaaj.raw

map>cdpcoder d 0 compress.bin l0aaaj.bin l1aaaj.raw
from l0aaaj.bin to l0aaaj.raw using l1aaaj.raw


Information: André Meystre
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