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The Superpalette for the color during the flight

Seattle superpalette
Renegade on the palette
Renegade on the palette

The superpalette displayed left contains the dynamic colors during the flight.

The first square is the palette code itself followed by a small gap and then by the subpalette set of 8 colors for a group of 4 texels. The compressed maps will use relative position 0 to 7. There are 2 bit for the top left texel of the group and 3 bits for the others. We have 2 kind of color codes:

2 bit codes:  00  01  10  11

3 bit codes: 100 101 110 111

The top left texel of a square group must be a 2-bit color. In the picture left, the 2 bit colors are the first 4 column after the gap. The palette code itself is the color of the square in the upper level that are so defining which subpalette is used in the next more detailed map below. The first palette determining squares are those of level 3 located in the l3xxxx.bin files and this is going down to level 0.

The palette from the resource ID-908 (File 10) of FU3 resreg.res files
Seattle region palette                         San Francisco region palette
Seattle palette 908  rgb               Sanfran palette 908 rgb

The resreg.res file is in the ENGPILE subfolder of a region for the US-Version and in the GERPILE subfolder of a region for thr German Version of FU3

There is a 8 color set for each of this 256 colors.

The both palettes are of different color structure. The way of color assignments will change depending on selected palette. The black and white dot prevention with the restricted superpalette deep will work for Seattle but fail for Sanfran because there are not black and white colors in the last 2 column of the superpalette. For the Sanfran superpalette the base color is mostly the first color of the 8 color set. In the Seattle version the base color is anywhere or even nowhere in the 8 color set of a row. The following statistic is valid for the Seattle palette.

The last 9 colors, the blue range, is reserved for the sky and have no valid subpalette - all values set to 0.

208 colors can be assigned to a 2 bit position.

236 colors can be assigned to a 3 bit that is any position.

 11 colors are unusable, they are never in a subpalette.

the 11 color codes never in subpalette:

0, 8, 9, 10, 26, 44, 135, 136, 186, 240, 246

relative location of the 247 colors available in the subpalettes:
position  number of colors   property
   0             35          3 or 2 bit color
   1             36          3 or 2 bit color
   2             39          3 or 2 bit color
   3             42          3 or 2 bit color
   4             37          3 bit color
   5             26          3 bit color
   6             16          3 bit color
   7              2          3 bit color
   -             14          the palette color code is not in the subpalette
each 2 bit color is a 3 bit color also.

The superpalette is located in the file compress.bin in folder .../regions/seattle/maps/ or .../regions/sanfran/maps/
First there are 12 long integer values in a header. The meaning of this 12 values is unknown.
       4    ( Seattle = 4 , Sanfran = 3 )
  5632   size of a compressed 128x128 bitmap

after this 48 bytes header follows the 256 x 8 bytes of the Superpalette

bad and good palletizing
upper part bad palletizing (the current problem) - lower part original FU3

Sanfran superpalette

Information: André Meystre
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