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The Switzerland region project

The last winter the swiss telecom swisscom has publish a new kind of visual phone directories on a DVD by Tele Atlas using orthophotos with a resolution of 4meters/pixel and even more over the full region of Switzerland. This resolution is exactly that for FU3 high resolution maps. This was the starting point of the project of making high resolution scenery of Switzerland and producing the program for file conversion.

You will find more information about this image source at www.optobyte.ch/swissinfo    swissinfo 11/2000 DVD ISBN 3-907485-31-9

The easiest way was first to just modify the Seattle area by the top left quadrant named aaaj. I live in this north west area of switzerland and so the start map is from this point. Once the remaining color problem resolved, building the remaining quadrants will be quick and easy.

When you are using the screenshots from the DVD you can't use the built-in function of the phone atlas, but must take screenshot during painting of the maps just before text insertion. It's a little bit tricky, but possible, use process priority settings to idle for the atlas, if running on Windows_NT.

You have to collect as many terrain parts of the 1:10000 maps until you have a square of 16384m by 16384m saved as 24bit color bitmap with a size of 4096 x 4096. As next convert this map into targa format using the color palette of FU3 - named resource 908 or use this targa file showing the color palette.

I like to work with the MS-Photoeditor-97 Version, unfortunately MS has removed the Targa graphic format from the Photoeditor-2000 version.

- Open the Targa file and your large bitmap

- copy the bitmap

- close the bitmap

- paste into the targa picture, replacing current content

Now your map has the same color as the Seattle area in FU3.

over the river Rhine
    over the river Rhine

This very large Targa file (16MB) is the input to my quadrant generation program GenQuadrant. After the generation you can save targa picture of the levels 3, 2, 1 and 0 and also the needed files for FU3 l3.bin, l2.cpd, l1.cpd and l3.cpd that are to rename and placed inside of your FU3 folders replacing the current one - but backup first !!!.

You are doing all this steps at your own responsibility !

Switzerland inside Seattle area     aaaj Switzerland square top left inside Seattle area
                 Switzerland inside Seattle area                                       aaaj Switzerland square top left inside Seattle area

Information: André Meystre
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