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HF_MAP the graphical short-wave propagationís

On this page you will find monthly the actual short-wave propagationís and other facts concerning Short-wave communication forecasts, computing and views. The first graphical output was created 1981 using print-plot technique. Currently I am using animated GIFs to display the 24 hour maps of the medium day of the month. As next step, VRML will be used to navigate around the world and view the different frequency areas from space. The critical frequency f0F2 seen from space is just the preview of a single picture created with the OpenGL library.
Short-wave propagation depends mainly from the sun spot number ssn, the date and daytime. In the last years the ssn values was on their minimum, but this will change, even slowly, in a cycle of about 11 years. At low sun spot numbers the intercontinental short-wave propagationís are rather worse. Watch the sun spot number of the last years on this chart. Sun spot numbers are registered since 1610. The value go from 0 to about 300.

the actual conditions of the month and the past:
Maximum Usable Frequency MUF from/to base location Switzerland, valid as base of central Europe, displayed as animated GIF of about 44K. Each month sequence is a collection of 24 hourmaps of a day, starting at 12utc. To see all maps at the rate of 1/second, you need a browser supporting animated GIFs as Netscape Navigator 2 and above or MS-IExplorer 3 does. Other browsers without this support will display the first map of 12utc only. ( utc Universal Time Coordinated, same as GMT )
each month as Java applet ! MUF for current month

Propagations MUF, FOT, HPF and Hops based to FLORIDA 28N / 81W
16. - 17.May 1998 propagations based to 3B7 St.Brandon DX expedition
october 2000 propagations based to 3B6 Agalega DX expedition
may 2001 propagations based to 3B6 Agalega DX expedition
July 2002 propagations based to CU9D DX expedition
Feb. 2005 propagations based to 3Y0X Peter 1 DX Expedition

New Apr. 2010 propagations based to 3W6C Con Co DX Expedition

Full control of the stepping +/- ut with animation and higher resolution - and you can create your own color Palette.class.

Older versions of HF_MAP without Java:
VK0IR Heard Island Expedition MUF, FOT, HPF , MUF February 97 , MUF January 97 , MUF December 96

This maps was produced with the software program HF_MAP. A free 16-Bit demoversion can be downloaded to run on Windows 3.x , Win95, Windows_NT ( and even on DEC Alpha AXP ). Get it now and free ---> 16-Bit-Demoversion of HF_MAP (325K)
With the 16-Bit HF_MAP Version, the only one currently available, you can create such maps for any base location. For computing time reasons the MINIMUF computation functions are used, a fine and simple algorithm in 50 BASIC lines only, presented by Robert Rose K6GKU 1982 in QST-Magazine. The real frequency coverage is much more complex and needs several thousand codelines in FORTRAN or C++ to compute a more realistic view of the conditions. This computation are very time intensive and will require hours or even days of continuous computing for the map creation. 144 precomputed maps of the complex types are delivered with HF_MAP for the base location central Europe and the sun spot numbers 10, 30, 60, 90, 120 and 150, for each month.


The quicker, but simple MINIMUF processing gives not the same resolution of the frequency hops as are shown with this 2 maps.

More samples of propagation maps for other locations and sun spot numbers:
Maximum Usable Frequency MUF from central Europe
Frequency of Optimum Transmission FOT from central Europe
Maximum Usable Frequency MUF from Madeira
Maximum Usable Frequency MUF DX-Expedition Palmyra

Information and ordering: André Meystre HB9BIG
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