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Software for Mobile Barcode Reader DENSO and compatible products

Special programming in BHT-Basic can help you to get a maximum out of your bar code reader. Login with logo and password protection, complex menus and data transfer using the serial port of the BHT-6000 to transfer data via keyboard wedge to thin clients. Transfer protocol can be XML.

Free demo program bcreader.pd3 to load into your BHT-6000 Terminal.
With bcreader.pd3 you can read bar codes, view value on the display and directly get the data sent out on the serial port to keyboard or BB+ device.
BB+ devices can be setup using the bar code menu and a BHT-6000 using bcreader.pd3.
Free download bcreader.pd3 for DENSO BHT-6000 size 2KB

New 2004 bcreader.pd3 for DENSO BHT-8000 size 2KB

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