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StatRep Statistic report creation for Android Version 4 July 2015

New functions in version 4:

StatRep is an Android App making a statistical analysis of data depending on a script defined by the user.
The results are stored in a pdf file (StatRep.pdf). The current script can be saved for the next use.
The script is displayed as a list. The list entries are edited using forms.
The created report will print the script on the first page, followed by the pages of the selected functions as histograms, xy-plots, tests and tabulation of the data as defined by the script.
Data are imported from comma separated file (csv) or generated by random numbers or mathematical functions.
Currently there are just 8 function but there will be more soon.

The app StatRepFree is available at Google-Play.

The app StatRepPro will follow with much more functionality as stored scripts and named reports data filter and more.

Look at the manual for more info and try it out.
StatRep.pdfDownload StatRep Manual (3.98MB)

Take a look at the report samples also.
StatRep01.pdfDownload report sample 01 (170kB)

Take a look at the report 02: The central limit theorem.
StatRep02.pdfDownload report sample 02 (170kB)

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