AG fuer technische Informatik Meystre

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AG fuer technische Informatik Meystre

AG fuer technische Informatik Meystre

The WIN95 / WIN98 version is for Intel Processors running WIN9x or WINDOWS_NT  / XP using the new WIN32-Libs, jpeg encoded pictures, for any screenmode using Video for Windows API. Best quality is at 24bit true color monitor selection.
DCT and Huffman parts using functions of The Independent JPEG Group converted to C++ objects

The DEC-Alpha AXP version runs under WINDOWS_NT only
To install this screensaver move the file turnout.scr to the others screensavers (.scr) of your system.

for Windows_NT to C:/WINNTxx/SYSTEM32 and for Win95 to C:/WIN95/SYSTEM

On newer systems you can use the popup menu by right mousekey click on the selected turnout.scr file for test, installation and settings.

This freeware screensaver is provided as is without warranty of any kind.
You are using the Turnout screensaver software at your own risk and responsibility.

Information: © 1994-2008 by André Meystre , CH-4132 Muttenz, Switzerland
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